Kit - Special Effect article


Kit is 6½ years old and has cerebral palsy. He attends mainstream school and is cognitively able. SpecialEffect’s Founder and CEO Dr Mick Donegan met Kit and his mum at a Roadshow about three years ago. He’s not too motivated to use technology at the moment as only uses it for communication and school work. His Mum Jo would like to find some more motivating activities for Kit. He loves racing cars and watches his younger brother play.

Kit went to visit SpecialEffect’s GamesRoom with his Mum and brother Ollie. He played Bash Those Balls and Eye Can Fly using an eye gaze system, controlling the computer simply by moving his eyes. He then moved on to playing a game of Switch Lanes against his brother (which he won!) using a buddy button with his left foot. Next it was Sega Rally on the Xbox 360 where he used his buddy button as the accelerator. And finally he played Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360 with his Mum and Ollie steering the car and Kit controlling the accelerator. He really enjoyed the racing games and choosing which cars to race with. In Forza they picked an Aston Martin and Ferrari. He and his Mum made a fantastic team when it came to the racing. His Mum is interested in borrowing an Xbox and some games for when they are on school holidays and they now have access to the eye gaze games that Kit played so that he can use them at home.

SpecialEffect will continue to support Kit and his family. It’s not just about computer games, it’s about joining in, being included, achieving things that weren’t easily possible before, having fun and an overall improved quality of life. Kit can now enter a whole new world of fun, freedom – and enjoy a little independence .